Day 1: Orientation


Why a picture of Winston Churchill, you might ask? Or more specifically, why Churchill smoking a victory cigar?

You’ll have you ask Don for the full details about ‘victory cigars,’ but he informed us that while on SHEBA, it became one of his customs to enjoy a Tootsie roll (instead of a cigar) after getting a job well done. With this in mind, we each received a special fieldwork package, which consisted of a Tootsie roll lollipop and “Rite in the Rain” notebook. Last but not least, Don and Marika announced which teams we would be in for the afternoon fieldwork. In total there were 4 teams with 5 members. I was assigned to the Yellow Group and given a fancy yellow-ish camo neck warmer/bandana/hair thing that could be worn several different ways, according to the package.

Rules of Arctic Fieldwork:

  1. “Eat as much as you can, whenever you can.”
  2. Remember to keep records of your data
  3. Make a plan (but also don’t get too attached to it)

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